Never Say Goodbye - Eclipse

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Eclipse are a three piece band that hail from Wick, Caithness in the North of Scotland. They have been together since 1998 and still have the original line-up, Micheal on keyboards, accordion and lead vocals, his brother Murray on drums and second harmony and Grant on guitar and third harmony. Eclipse travel the length and breadth of Britain playing to enthusiastic audiences and have built up a large fan base stretching from London, Wales and to their home county of Caithness who eagerly await the release of this their debut album which features their most popular songs. Micheal has also written a number of songs 2 of his self penned numbers on this album - "Crazy Baby" and the title track "Never Say Goodbye."

Track Listing;
  1. Slow Down
  2. Hi Ho Silver Lining
  3. Dirty Old Town
  4. Please Mr Postman
  5. Never Say Goodbye
  6. Dreaming of You
  7. Banjo Breakdown (Irish Washerwoman - Donald Ian Rankine)
  8. Please Please Me
  9. Mustang Sally
  10. Surfin' USA
  11. Crazy Baby
  12. The End (De'il Among The Tailors - Drunken Sailor)