A Starr Is Born - Brandon McPhee

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Once in a while a musician comes along with an exceptional and outstanding talent, a unique playing style which makes them instanly recognisable. Brandon McPhee has been playing the button key accordion for just over a year and already has that "magic" in his music which captures people's attention. This young man has a playing ability way beyond his years. So sit back and enjoy this, his first album, and I'm sure you'll agree with me when I say - "A 'Starr' Is Born."

Track Listing;
  1. Scotland The Brave
  2. Mhari's Wedding
  3. Thistle Of Scotland / Donald MacLean's Farewell To Oban
  4. Inveresk House / The Road To Applecross / The Blue Bell Polka / The Shetland Twostep / The Jaqueline Waltz
  5. Laird Of Drumblair
  6. John Keith Laing / Memories Of Willie Snaith/Loch Ruan
  7. Leslie Angus
  8. Thomas Saunders / The Glens Of Angus
  9. Calin Mo Run Sa
  10. The Road & The Miles To Dundee
  11. My Mother / The Atholl Highlanders
  12. Donald Iain Rankine / John MacMillan Of Barra
  13. Jean's Reel